Many Challenges
In order to remain competitive in today’s ever changing market, organizations are required to open their networks to customers, suppliers and business partners alike. However, allowing access to multiple parties through numerous points-of-entry exponentially increases an organization’s vulnerability and security risks. Preventative measures such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls and anti-virus software are seldom enough. Organizations often discover too late that their systems or host architecture have been compromised or even disabled by unauthorized users, denial-of-service attacks or malicious malware.

One Solution
Paragon Solutions offers an extensive array of affordable Vulnerability and IT Compliance services that identify and mediate the risks associated with processing, management and storage of an institution’s critical information.
We provide organizations throughout the Southeast with the highest levels of security assurance and IT solutions. Our mission is to exceed customer service and support expectations and to ensure absolute regulatory compliance of all our clients.

Advantages of Paragon Solutions

  • Ensure Regulatory Requirement Compliance
  • Identify and mediate vulnerable positions and end points
  • Provide auditors proof of performance
  • Optimize network and systems efficiency

Paragon Solutions’ Services

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment/Business Impact Analysis
  • Security Awareness Training

Paragon Solutions provides:

Vulnerability Assessments
Vulnerabilities should be assessed regularly throughout a network system’s life cycle. This procedure is designed to analyze system assets and provide a non-invasive assessment of system weaknesses, security holes or implementation flaws vulnerable to threat or attack.

Penetration Testing
An extension of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing is a proactive yet authorized attempt to compromise a
network’s security. This analysis is executed from the perspective of a potential hacker and involves the active exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering
Social engineering is a collection of techniques used to manipulate people into performing actions or divulging
confidential information. Paragon Solutions offers multiple forms of social engineering with our uniquely suited and
highly skilled professionals including Email and Telephone Phishing, and Impersonations.

Enterprise Risk Assessments/Business Impact Analysis
IT governance best practices and regulatory requirements mandate organizations to perform security risk assessments, compliance assessments and self-assessments against a variety of standards such as FFIEC, GLBA, SOX and BSA.

Security Awareness Training
Paragon Solution’s professional consultants will analyze your institution’s specific training needs to deliver an effective and affordable awareness program for your employees. We will identify areas of concern, develop a baseline of staff security knowledge and measure the progress of your awareness program.such as FFIEC, GLBA, SOX and BSA.

“…begin to make decisions
on how to eliminate the
root cause of the majority
of exploits, reduce the
potential attack vectors
and limit the impact of a
security incident.”

- Gartner, Inc.



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